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Our Global References

The leading factors that have made our international customers trust ART CLASSIC as the place that will meet their Furniture, Craft,
Home Decoration and Lighting needs are our excellent quality, satisfying service, and up to date design.

Even though our primary market in Indonesia was Batam and Jakarta in the beginning, the trust given to our products by star hotels and restaurants has allowed ART CLASSIC to keep growing into countries around Asia, Africa, and Europe. Our products are now found in other countries such as Maldives, Spain, Germany, Fiji, Dubai , Oman, and Qatar. 
Furniture such as rope, outdoor chairs and tables, dining round tables, for Indoor and Outdoor or many furniture style give hotels and resorts the global design that international customers have become accustomed to. We also understand that our customers need certainty and consistency when they decide on their (accessories, home decoration and furniture) settings. Even though creating consistency is usually done at the beginning of the design process, it is also possible to accomplish in the later life of a property or when it has been renovated

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What We Offer

ART CLASSIC INTERNATIONAL serves a broad range of markets: furniture stores, real estate developers, and online retailers. Dealers working with the company benefit from the firm’s experience, which offers global access to furniture with the following benefits:

  • A broad range of high-end and mid-level furnishings

  • Convenient ordering process and reliable customer service

  • Online retailer and designer-friendly

  • Special custom orders delivered as quickly as possible

  • New products added to the company’s website constantly

  • A well-trained team responsible for  quality control and ensuring the integrity of all goods before they are shipped

Product Durability is Our Priority

Product Durability is Our Priority ART CLASSIC, as a wholesale furniture supplier, which is ready to contribute in giving advice and solutions for all of our customer queries and to understand and develop existing and new design ideas.

We aim to ensure that our customers rest assured with our product durability and guarantees. Hundreds of products in our catalogue, including the ir Furniture, Craft, Home Decoration and Lighting, have been built with a durable construction, climate and water-resistant material, which is non-toxic and anti-rust.

As one of the most trusted furniture suppliers, ART CLASSIC creates its products for long term use. This has a positive impact on our customers because they will be able to reduce their cost and minimize environmental damage.

The issue of protecting the environment is one that our R&D team has been busy exploring. This has resulted in several studies and tests which have been run to ensure that our products meet stringent conditions before they are delivered to our customers.

ART CLASSIC provides complete oversight of the manufacturing process, maintaining unrivaled quality and consistency.

High quality products result in a longer life span, thereby increasing long term-financial savings & minimising damaging effects to the environment.

First consultation

We request pictures/sketches and any other information on your order.

Design and Approval

Our R&D team will create a detailed drawing of the order as well as a 3D drawing to be approved by the customer.


Our R&D team will create two samples with one for the customer and one for production.


We will deliver the product to your address using the shipping options we have suggested.