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About Teak

Teak Wood is the name for hardwood tree, the species from scientific name “Tectona Grandis” and in the Indonesian name is “Jati”. This kind of tree grows widely in south of Asia and Southeast Asia, especially in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Burma. The growth of this tree can reach a height of up to 35 M with large broad leafed round stems with very short twigs. Teak wood is greatly familiar used as an ingredient in furniture manufacturing, ship hulls, building construction, and other large construction. This wood was selected due to its extra ordinary quality for all weather conditions.

Teak Wood is also known as kinds of wood that is very expensive due to slowly growth which it’s can only be harvested at a minimum age of 20 years. In Indonesia, the teak trees have been cultivated since 1930 until now on the Java Island by the Indonesian Government, which is called “Perhutani” as the official Indonesian government agency that manages the plantations of timber for industry. The demand of high market and a declining number of this tree, make the price of wood always increase every year.

The biggest sector that needs this kinds of wood is the furniture industry and wood flooring industry, this wood was selected because it is resistant to all weather, smooth texture and has a golden yellow colour. The general furniture products that made from teak wood are commonly for the exterior furniture due to it will not be weathered even though they are placed outdoors with extreme weather. The processed products from teak wood can even survive to hundreds of years, so this type of wood is very popular in the world market. Another motive for selecting the teak is also because it is easier to maintain and can be restored

At ART CLASSIC, we use only the finest teak wood grown on Indonesian, government-managed plantations and milled by the leading producer of teak wood in the world. Our teak shower benches are second to none.
So why do we use teak?
Simply put, it’s amazing wood!
Here are 10 interesting facts about teak wood, just in case you were wondering…

  1. Teak is the common name for the tropical hardwood tree species, Tectona grandis, which grows to over 130 feet tall.

  2. Teak is native to south and southeast Asia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Burma.

  3. Teak wood tends to be a golden or medium brown. Its color darkens over time.

  4. Teak is known for its incredible durability and water resistance.

  5. Teak has a high oil content, giving it the highest decay-resistance among all natural wood products.

  6. Teak is used for boat building, yachts, exterior construction, indoor and outdoor furniture, veneer, carvings, frames, and more.

  7. Teak doesn’t crack, wrap or turn black when in contact with metals.

  8. Teak is resistant to termites and other pests.

  9. Teak trees that are older, between 40 and 80 years old, provide the best wood.

  10. Teak — before it can be cut into lumber — must be dried for 1-2 years.
    With teak, you can’t go wrong! It’s the ‘gold standard’ of wood. Which is why teak is all we use for our beautiful teak shower benches and stools. Shop ART CLASSIC online and check out our gorgeous line of teak furniture. See why we’re the largest manufacturer of teak shower benches in the world!

Our teak comes from legal plantations.
Some people think that buying teak furniture contributes to deforestation and destroy the environment. In the past decades global warming and extensive logging have threatened old teak forests. But despite what you may think, teak furniture has now became an ecological business. True teak (called Tectona Grandis) cannot survive in the jungle. The tree grows in dry and hilly terrains, in Southeast Asia. To keep up sustainability, teak farming is now regulated. The hardwood used in furniture comes from tree farms. This is not a new trend. The first teak plantations appeared in Burma more than 160 years ago. Once again, the wood we use for our furniture does not come from natural forests. It comes from legal government plantations.

Teak furniture is energy-efficient.
When you buy a plastic chair, polluting factories process synthetic resins to produce plastic.
They make the resins by heating chemical materials. They process the resins again to produce the plastic furniture.
We don’t use chemicals to build our teak furniture.
The wood comes from regulated farmed trees, without need for chemicals or manufacturing. Plastic bottles and metal cans pollute our oceans and natural landscapes. Scraps leftovers from wood production return to the earth without damage to the environment.
Organic by nature, Teak oil is bitter and repels insects. This natural-quality makes teak an ecological option, because there is no need for insecticides. Teak trees grow without artificial fertilizers or heavy irrigation. Time just make its work. Plantations are a renewable and sustainable. Next time you think about buying teak furniture, remember it’s an ethical investment.
The real price of teak furniture.
People think that teak furniture is expensive. It’s not. Decades ago, just the richest people could afford teak furniture. Back then teak wood was a rare, exotic and extravagant product. Today the world seems smaller. Shops from all around the world come to Asia to buy teak furniture. It’s a great news! Once a luxury product, teak furniture is now affordable. Who would have thought that one day you could buy a premium teak lounge chair for less than 170 USD?

Teak furniture is durable.
When we talk about the cost, you have to think about more than the retail price. Let’s talk about durability.
How cheap do you think that this plastic lounge chair is?
Carpenters use teak wood a lot in furniture, teak is also a favorite in flooring, shipbuilding or boat decking.
For the past 30 years, the most famous designers have all work with teak wood. Why?
Teak wood is durable ans stands well under all-weather conditions. This hardwood is dense and resists warping, shrinking and swelling. Without varnish or oil, teak furniture can face the test of time. Its natural high oil content repels termites and resist rot. Even after years of outdoor exposure teak furniture will keep its strength and its beauty.

Teak will stand for generations.
Did you know that the public benches in all English parks are from teak wood? Public parks in England use recycled teak wood that are almost a century old. Teak also is one of the few materials that beautifies with age. The smooth touch and warm appearance develops over time into a rich and elegant appearance.

As a leading producer of many forest products, the Indonesian government has taken steps to assure the international market of the legality and sustainability of its timber products through Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu (SVLK) certification, also known as the Indonesian Timber Legality Assurance System (INDO-TLAS).SVLK certification not only ensures that only legal timber is exported from Indonesia, but effectively manages sustainable forestry practices while reducing illegal logging and trading. The Indonesian Ministry of Forestry, through its state owned enterprise Perum Perhutani, manages its teak forest plantations with agroforestry, ensuring biodiversity and providing additional economic benefits to the local economy. SVLK certification is required by law for Indonesian timber to be exported into many major wood product import countries. With Westminster Teak’s SVLK certified teak, you can be assured that the furniture you purchase is a finely crafted product, from legally and sustainably harvested wood.