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Manufacturing wth Us


Manufacturing processes used in the production of furniture handicrafts and lighting in Indonesia. Manufacturing techniques for furniture in Indonesia. – We partner with some of the best craftsmen in Indonesia. Our craftsmen rely on hand-crafted skills rather than machines and high- technology. The result is beautiful and unique products. We can design and manufacture products, using a range of manufacturing techniques & processes.


Carving manufacturing Home Decor, Handicrafts – Jepara Indonesia


Fabrication manufacturing Furniture, Home Decor, Handicrafts – Jepara, Java and Bali Indonesia


Weaving manufacturing Home Decor, Handicrafts – Jepara and Java Indonesia


We hope this gives you a better understanding of the manufacturing and production processes used in the making of furniture, handicrafts and lighting in Indonesia.

Find out more about the materials we use in the production of our products and view some of our craftsmen at work making a variety of different products.

Materials used in the production and manufacturing of furniture, handicrafts and lighting in Indonesia.

Indonesia has an abundant resource of raw materials and the 2nd largest biodiversity in the world. A large variety of materials are used in the manufacture of furniture and handicrafts.

Around 70% of the world’s rattan is in Indonesia, along with many different materials like petrified wood and volcanic rock to name a few.

We can design and manufacture products using a range of raw materials.