Jacobean (1600-1690)

Jacobean (1600-1690)

Jacobean is an English style of furniture, which is medieval in appearance with straight lines, rigid designs, sturdy construction, ornate carvings, and a dark finish. Much of Early American furniture was patterned after this style.



Sturdy – Straight lines and a heavy proportion.(Arts and Craft style shown)

Chair Arms

Slopes to front posts – Arms slope down to meet posts from the seat.

Chair Back Material

Wood – Wood chair back.

Chair Back Shape

Solid – One piece or solid panel chair back.

Chair Leg Shape

Round – Round, usually shaped or turned leg.
Straight – Straight leg, vertical to chair seat.
Simple turning – turned leg with a few types of turnings.

Chair Seat Material

Rush – Woven rush.
Wood – Various types of wood.

Chair Seat Shape

Square – Square shaped seat.

Drawer Pull

Brass Knob – Mushroom-shaped brass knob.
Tear Drop – Tear-drop shaped pull attached by a knob to a back plate. The back plate is usually circular, oval, or diamond shaped.


Leather – Material made from the tanning of animal hides.
Velvet – Woven pile fabric that is soft and sturdy, often made of silk with blends of cotton, nylon, and rayon.


Oil Varnish – Clear finish that emphasized the grain of the wood.
Wax – Paste finish over a sealer, stain, or bare wood.


Block – Flat-surfaced foot.
Bun – Rounded foot, flatter than a ball foot.
Continuation of leg – Leg does not terminate into a foot.

Hardware Material

Brass – Yellowish metal made from copper and zinc.
Iron – Grayish-brown metal with a dull finish.


Mortise and tenon – Wood joint in which a projecting tenon of one board is fitted into a mortise or hole of another board.


Straight – Straight lines.


Acanthus leaf – Conventionalized leaf.
Acorns – Turned form often used as finials on chair and bed posts, and leg turnings.
Carved Head – Carved front view of a human head.
Diamond – A figure with four equal sides and two obtuse angles.
Geometric – A figure made of squares, circles, and triangles.


Banding – Thin strips of contrasting veneer used as a decorative border or edging.
Carving – Cutting or chipping the surface of wood to create a shape or design.
Paneling – Raised, recessed, and framed panels.


Heavy – Sturdy, thick dimensions.(Chippendale style shown)


Heavy – Sturdy stretchers.(Jacobean style shown)


Black Walnut – Dark brown American hardwood with a wide range of figures.
Oak – Gray-brown American hardwood.