Georgian (1714-1760)

The Georgian style is a more ornate version of Queen Anne with heavier proportions, elaborately carved cabriole legs terminating in a pad or ball-and-claw foot, ornate carvings, pierced back splats and the use of gilding. It is named after George I and George II who reigned England from 1714-1760. 




Heavily Ornamented – Elaborate ornamentation.(Art Nouveau style shown)

Chair Arms

Outward Flare – Arms have slight outward curve.

Chair Back Material

Upholstered – Cushioned and fabric covered.
Wood – Solid wood, horizontal slats, vertical slats, or vertical splats.

Chair Back Shape

Pierced – Carved or pierced central splat.

Chair Leg

Cabriole – Curved leg in the shape of an animal’s leg. The cabriole leg increased the stability of seating pieces and reduced the need for underbracing.
Decorated Cabriole – Cabriole leg with decorative carving, usually on the knee.

Chair Seat Material

Upholstered – Cushioned and covered with fabric.

Chair Seat Shape

Horseshoe – Horseshoe shaped seat with a rounded front.
Square – Square shaped seat.

Drawer Pull

Bat Wing Plate with Bail – Bat shaped solid or pierced cast brass back plate with a bail handle. The size of the backplate varies from 2.75 to 4.5 inches wide by 2 to 3.25 inches high.


Mohair – Fabric made from the angora goat.
Tapestry – Heavy weight fabric with decorative designs.
Velvet – Woven pile fabric that is soft and sturdy, often made of silk with blends of cotton, nylon, and rayon.


Gilding – Gold leaf.
Oil Varnish – Clear finish that emphasizes the grain of the wood.


Ball and Claw – Carved claw grasping a ball.
Block – Flat-surfaced foot.
Bun – Rounded foot, flatter than a ball foot.
Pad – Simple, rounded carved foot.
Paw or Claw – Carved animal paw or claw.

Hardware Material

Brass – Yellowish metal made from copper and zinc.


Dovetail – An interlocking wood joint in which a series of wedge-shaped projections fits into a series of alternating grooves.


Cyma or S-Curve – S-shaped curve, partly concave and partly convex.
Straight – Straight lines.


Acanthus leaf – Conventionalized leaf.
Eagle – National emblem of the United States.
Lion Head – Front view of a lion’s head.
Mask – Carved face of a human being, animal, or mythical creature.
Oriental Patterns – Oriental figures, usually painted or lacquered.
Scroll – Form that resembles a roll of parchment paper.
Shell – Fan shaped shell.


Carving – Cutting or chipping the surface of wood to create a shape or design.
Oriental Lacquerwork – A lacquer surface on which designs are drawn in gold or color; also referred to as Japanning or chinoiserie


Heavy – Sturdy, thick dimensions.(Chippendale style shown)


Limited Use – Limited use of stretchers.(Queen Anne style shown)


Ash – Whitish-gray American hardwood with similar graining to oak.
Black Walnut – Dark brown American hardwood with a wide range of figures.
Elm – Red-brown American hardwood.
Fruitwood – Pink-brown American hardwood, including apple and pear.
Hickory – Red-brown American hardwood.
Mahogany – Red-brown South American and African hardwood.
Maple – Golden to Red-brown American hardwood with a wide range of figures.