Chippendale Wood furniture

Chippendale furniture style.
Chippendale furniture was recorded as the high class furniture in the middle of the 18th century and its popular is still continue until today. The Chippendale model is still lot found on the market today mostly as the reproduction product. There are many furniture model designed with Chippendale as reference. The Chippendale is special style created by Thomas Chippendale, a famous furniture maker in the history of furniture. He was well known as the the British high end furniture maker in the 1750-1780.

Most of Chippendale furniture are made from mahogany wood. This wood was brought into England from Indonesia (Hindia) and is become the best medium for the Chippendale style furniture. The mahogany has medium hardness with soft texture pores and grains. This wood is also has a nice strong grain characters which is very suit to fill up the Chippendale models that is graceful and elegant. Mostly of Chippendale furniture were lacquered.
The Chippendale style was also well famous in the US furniture. During his life, Thomas Chippendale also wrote a book “The Gentleman and Cabinet Maker’s Director”. This book could be the first book that was written by furniture maker, it could be the other reason that make him become legend. He featured furniture in many styles, one in them was his designed, the Chippendale furniture.

The Chippendale design is basically based on the Queen Anne style and the other existing style at that era, but with the Chippendale touch. The Chippendale furniture also influenced with at least three style, Gothic, Chinese and French. The typical of Chippendale furniture are: never use the inlay or ornamental painting, carving only means the decoration and are made from solid wood, most of them are mahogany wood. The Leg of the Chippendale furniture follow and modifies the Queen Anne-style. He developed the cabriole leg with three different types of feet. They are the cabriole with ball and Claw, the lion’s paw, and the club. There three other types of feet are straight, the spade has a tapered round leg with a trapezoidal foot, the Marlborough has a plain and square leg, and the late Chippendale leg has a square with a square foot. Chippendale’s Gothic and Chinese influenced can be seen from some of Chippendale furniture which has straight tapering legs. The Chinese Chippendale style furniture can be seemed for bedrooms. The Chippendale chair and dinning set show the highest touch of art and we still can find many furniture with this style now in the market. The Chippendale Society at Temple Newsam House, England has an original collection of furniture and documents.